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The forecasts are free to use as long as you point back to this page from where you display your forecast or from some other reasonably prominent place on your website/program

Fill in the data below, and click on Upload to get your forecast.

What language do you want your weather-forecast in? English

What simulator is the weather-file for?
What end-times will you use? What are Endtimes?

RACE end times: GTR end times: Include session?
Test day: Test day:
Practice 1: Practice 1:
Practice 2: Practice 2:
Qualify: Qualify 1:
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How many ranges do you want to use? 4 ranges 100% dry, dry>50%, wet>50%, 100% wet
6 ranges 100% dry, 100%>dry>70-80%, 70-80%>dry>50%, 50%<wet<70-80%, 70-80%<wet<100%, 100% wet
Choose a weather-file to get the forecast from:
Forecast interpretation
Questions - in English
Questions - in Swedish
Check if debug-info for the Parsing of the weather-file shall be printed
Check if debug-info for Creating the forecast shall be printed
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